Why should I attend?



Date: October 21, 2019 - 8am-5pm

Location: 515 E. Locust St., Des Moines, Iowa

What's Included: Parking & Lunch

CFRE Credit: 8.0 points

The Association of Fundraising Professionals presents AFP Donor Retention: A Self-Assessment Workshop.  The workshop will answer questions such as:

·      Why do organizations lose donors and money?

·      How does keeping donors matter to fundraising success?

·      How do you develop a successful donor retention plan?

At this workshop you will begin to develop a donor retention plan based on what research indicates really works. By showing the value of tracking overall gains and losses in gifts and donors, you will learn to use that information to develop cultivation strategies to improve donor retention. The curriculum is based on data collected via the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, an annual survey indicating that nonprofits are losing nearly as many donors and gifts as they gain each year.